Tina SunTina Sun M.Sc, M.ScPT

Tina Sun graduated with a Masters degree in Immunology and a Masters degree in Physical Therapy.

She is a registered physiotherapist and focuses on acupuncture, muscle and tendon mobilization, and exercise therapy.

She believes that the goal of physiotherapy is to help improve the quality of life of her clients. While there are established protocols for rehabilitating an injured body part, one size does not fit all. She values the importance of creating a unique program that considers the stressors in her client’s life. Factors such as healing rate, physical limitations, demands at work or home, age, and exercise capacity differ from each person. She considers these factors to create a program that works best for each of her clients.

When not working, she loves gardening, exploring the forests and meadows, and appreciating the beautiful nature of Vancouver Island.

Areas of special interest:

  • Acupuncture
  • Health & wellness of the over 50s
  • Gait & balance training after stroke or injury 
  • Exercise therapy