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Jordana Kirkman


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Jordana Kirkman

Jordana graduated from WCCMT in 2004 with a diploma in Registered Massage Therapy. Jordana’s focus over the years has primarily been persistent or chronic pain, complicated pain and stress (emotional) influenced pain. Having been in a MVA in 1995 that resulted in neck and head injuries, Jordana has a deep understanding and lived experience of ongoing discomfort and pain as a result of having been in a MVA. Jordana’s treatment style is heavily myofascial influenced and often integrated with other types of massage styles and techniques. Jordana has completed dozens of post graduation courses that include but not limited too: Ligamentous Articular Strain Technique (LAST), Myofascial Release (MF) and Integrative Myofasical, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Pregnancy, Basic Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD and pain science.
Jordana was a competitive swimmer in Campbell River for 10 years and held the Grand Champion title for age 10 expert girls in BMX for two years. Jordana also raced on the Canadian team for BMX in the world cup in 1985.
Jordana continues to maintain an active lifestyle with interests in photography and all things husky. Jordana looks forward to helping people live a pain free.
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