The Holiday Season Is A Busy Time For Most.

Nothing About Our Usual Daily Life Goes Away But The Holidays Bring An Extra Layer Of Activities And Responsibilities, Both Real And Imagined, That Take Up Time, Money And Emotional Energy.

Even If We Enjoy Many Aspects Of The Season, There May Well Be Moments When We Wish We Could Rewind The Calendar To Somewhere In The Middle Of August.

This Time Of Year Can Bring Up Feelings Of Overwhelm, Anxiety And Stress.

Add Social Events, Late Nights, Overindulging And Alcohol And This Can Be A Recipe That Elicits Strong Emotions Or Makes You More Sensitive To Both Your Own Feelings, As Well As Those Of Others.

How Can You Help Yourself?

There Are Things You Can Do To Help Cope Through The Holiday Season. Taking Time For Yourself, Like Going For A Walk, May Give You The Peace And Quiet You Need To Clear Your Head And Recharge Your Batteries. Any Form Of Physical Activity Is Good For Both Cardiovascular And Mental Health Too.

Exercise Releases Good Hormones That Can Help You Cope Better With Holiday Stress And Activity Will Also Help Combat Some Of Those Extra Calories Often Consumed During This Season.

Meditation, Mindfulness And Yoga Are Also Excellent Ways To Help You Cope – Even If You Aren’t A Regular Yogi Year Round. As Little As 10 Minutes Of Quiet Time, Deep Breathing, Or Focusing On The Important, Relevant Things In Life, Can Make The Difference Between Having A Good Or Bad Day.

We’ve Put Together A Range Of Resources With Tips, Strategies, Advice On Mindfulness, Even Some Yoga Poses That You Can Use To Emerge From The Holiday Period Feeling Both Mentally And Physically Healthy.

You Can Print Or Download The Leaflets At The Following Links

They Include:
How to use mindfulness to manage negative feelings


The role that physical activity can play in combatting stress


7 Yoga poses that help reduce stress



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