Hip & Groin Pain

The hip joint is a ‘ball and socket joint’, similar to the shoulder. Unlike the shoulder however, the hip joint is much more stable, and injuries to the joint itself are less common than they are in the shoulder. Hip and groin pain may be caused by local structures within or around the hip or groin, or may be referred from other sources (such as the lower back, pelvis or sacroiliac joints).

Below is a short list of some of the most common injuries that we treat in our Nanaimo physiotherapy clinic:

Muscle strain

Commonly strained muscles around the hip and groin are the hip flexors and the adductors (inner thigh). Symptoms can include localised pain at the front of the hip and difficulty flexing the hip or localised, one-sided groin pain, often aggravated by stretching the affected muscle (sideways lunge stretch). Treatment will typically involve physiotherapy treatments, an exercise program and a period of rest from any aggravating activities.

Hip labral tear

A labral tear is when the cartilage lining the hip joint becomes damaged or torn. Aggravating activities typically include weight-bearing on the affected side and twisting. Pain is usually felt quite deep within the hip joint, however can also present as groin pain. Some patients describe a catching or clicking sensation in the hip. A MRI is required for diagnosis, with a treatment plan formulated depending on the severity of the damage.

Trochanteric Bursitis

Trochanteric bursitis occurs when the bursa becomes excessively rubbed between the greater trochanter and the gluteus medius / iliotibial band tendons, causing it to become inflamed and painful. A common cause is poor biomechanical loading of the lower limb due to weakness of the gluteal muscles or tightness of the outer muscles and ITB. Typical symptoms include pain on the outside of your hip, particularly when lying on the affected side, pain on prolonged walking and running and pain on flexing or rotating the hip.
The treatment of any hip pain depends entirely on the cause of the problem. Brickyard Physiotherapy’s clinicians are experienced in the management, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering hip pain. At Brickyard Physiotherapy you can be confident that you will have professional and personalised care to help you safely return to training, play or just general life at your best.

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