What does Brickyard provide?

Brickyard Physiotherapy in Nanaimo offers a full range of physio services delivered with your recovery in mind. We ensure that each and every patient gets a personalized treatment plan that will help you recover from your injury or pain, or to just feel better.

Injuries & Pain

People will come to us for a wide variety of reasons. One of the major ones is to help deal with chronic pain causing discomfort, mobility issues, and limiting their quality of life.


How to Prevent Running Injuries

How to build an injury-resistant body and prevent running injuries Weather you are a seasoned runner or embarking upon running as a new years resolution, injury proofing your body with strength training and adherence to training protocols can keep…

Surviving The Holidays

Surviving The Holidays The Holiday Season Is A Busy Time For Most. Nothing About Our Usual Daily Life Goes Away But The Holidays Bring…

Shred The Slopes And Not Your Body

It’s November and the cold temperatures are setting in; the snow is finally falling on the local mountains! So, are you ready? I’m not talking about a new Burton jacket, I am referring to you – your body, is it prepared and ready to take on the…

Clinic Reopening

JULY 1st 20201 all protocols remain in place At Brickyard Physiotherapy we are very happy to be back at work and to welcome our clients back to the clinic. We have had to change things a little since we last saw you, but our aim is to make your…

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